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2024 Women's Football Registration Form

REGISTRATION: 2024 Registration is for Women's football is $105.00. This fee includes USGAA registration and Club membership.  In past years, you have had to register yourself with USGAA, but this year the Club is registering players so you have to just register once and pay one fee!

IMPORTANT: To play with Buffalo Fenians GAA, you must have Health Insurance. As a registered player with USGAA, you will receive coverage under an Excess Basis Policy maintained by USGAA. Accident medical expenses are covered under this policy on an Excess Basis, and benefits will be paid under this plan after your own personal or group insurance (including Health Maintenance Organizations) has paid out its benefits. 
To find out more about USGAA Player Injury Insurance, click here.

DEADLINES: For returning players, you must register by April 30, 2024.  For new players, you must register by August 1, 2024.

QUESTIONS: If you have any questions concerning registration, please contact the Club Registrar at 

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